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At WE THE PEOPLE, we exist purely to help brands become great storytellers. We believe in the power of storytelling - and that influencers & creators are some of the best storytellers out there.

That's why we made the INFLUENCE by WTP network.

A network designed to promote great storytelling - from both brands and influencers. 

We wanted to create a space where brands and influencers could collaborate on creative in a way that's never really been done before.

A place where a brand could truly collaborate with a travel influencer on a media campaign idea - or where sports influencers could have a bigger say in shaping their own sponsored posts.

You, the influencer, sits at the coal face of social trends and understands what works and doesn't work for your audience. We see this insight as invaluable for brands trying to truly engage with their customers. 






We work with some of Australia's leading social influencers and creators. We'd love you to join.

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Signing up to the network will see your work and social media accounts presented to our clients when booking and developing media campaigns. And if the brand thinks you're the right fit, we'll be in-touch to get the ball rolling.

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Q. Does the INFLUENCE by WTP network cost me anything?

A. Nope - it's 100% FREE for influencers & creators. You will never be charged for any activities to do with the network.


Q. Are there any requirements to joining the network?

A. There are no specific requirements to joining the network - however, when we consider your account/s for a campaign, we will assess factors such as audience size, content and how well you fit with the brand. 


Q. What happens after I submit an application?

A. After you submit an application - a member of our team will be in touch if we've got any further questions, which we may ask to help better understand your account. 


Q. What do you think about fake / buying followers?

A. Any influencer or creator found to be buying fake followers will be excluded from the network. It's super easy for us to tell & really isn't worth it in the long run. So please don't do it :)


Q. How many campaigns will I get and at what frequency?

A. It depends on a number of factors. So we can never guarantee how many and at what frequency you'll receive campaign offers.


Q. How much will I get paid per each campaign?

A. The amount you get paid per campaign will vary from campaign to campaign; and again, depends on several factors.


Q. I've got a question - who can I contact to ask that question?

A. You can email the team at : influence @ wtpagency.comWe'll try get back to you ASAP!